James Hoyne
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James Hoyne

“After years as an ER physician, running from one disaster to another, never being able to spend as much time solving a problem as I would have liked, I decided to switch careers.  Now I can plane off 1/128″, check the fit and try again till I get it as perfect as I want.  If it takes 2, 5 or 10 passes, I do it till it meets my standards of quality.

I studied with Gary Rogowski, master furniture maker and author in Portland, Oregon.  A combination of machines are used for my basic milling procedures.  I choose from various hand tools for cutting joinery, final fitting and detailing.

My style is a lighter version of Arts and Crafts, in both wood species and proportions.  It is based on the English Arts and Crafts movement, but is influenced by Greene and Greene, Harvey Ellis, Edward Barnsley and Asian themes.

I work in native hardwoods such as quartersawn white oak, maple, ash, beech, Oregon black walnut and cherry.  I also feature exotics including ebony, Honduran mahogany, zebrano, sapele and wenge.

Techniques include hand-cut dovetails, mortise and tenon featuring ebony wedged through tenons, bent lamination, carving and inlay. Finishes depend on the function of the piece, but I am proficient in oil, shellac, polyurethane and wax.  My preference is not to stain but rather to allow the wood’s natural color and grain to shine through.

I can work with a client’s ideas to produce their own unique design or I can design one of my own signature pieces to fit the function they envision.

I aspire to produce heirloom quality, handcrafted, custom furniture.”