Al Swanson Craftsman Studio | Barry Hood
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Barry Hood

Barry Hood was born in 1948. A love of nature and the west is probably embedded in him genetically. His great grandfather, George McCone, rode a pony express route between Bismark, North Dakota and Miles City, Montana. He brought the first cattle into the lower Yellowstone river country, became a state senator and even had a county named after him. As a child,Barry lived in such far-flung places as Japan and England… but, always returning to Montana. He studied art under the reknown ceramist Rudy Autio, at the University of Montana and received a BFA in 1973. Over the last four decades, Hood’s artwork has evolved, garnering both regional and national attention, as well as a loyal contingency of collectors. Barry Hood lives in Helena, Montana with his wife, Eliza Frazer, their son Jack and their dog, Pounce.