The Studio
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The Studio

A.L. Swanson designs and builds all types of hardwood furniture for the home, office and commercial settings. Great pride is taken with design, wood selection, joinery, and finish – details simply not found in mass-produced furniture. Since moving to Montana from Maine in 2000, our mission remains: to be the regions leader in hand-crafted furniture that incorporates function, form, and master-level craftsmanship in a style that is elegant, graceful, and enduring.

My Approach to Hand-Crafted Furniture

Having been born, raised, and trained in Maine, Al Swanson is a master of this craft. Together, our talented team of cabinet makers, strive to build pieces possessing grace, splendor and are enduring for generations, here in gorgeous Helena, Montana.

Why invest in hand-made furniture? Our pieces are intended to harmonize with your environment, as well as with our environment. They are built the way masters of this craft have been doing it for centuries – not with dowels, screws and lots of glue, but with solid mechanical joints like the mortise and tenon and the dovetail. These methods are difficult and time consuming to execute, often the reason not implemented by many of today’s makers. Though this may make their work more affordable longevity is often compromised. In the long run and most important, a well-designed, well-built piece of furniture that lasts 200 years is always preferable to one that can be bought for less but must be replaced every decade. All of the work we make is signed, dated and often carries a secret compartment, carrying a note written by its maker – a very personal touch indeed.