Experience the Process
This is a biography of Al Swanson and provides an overview of how he became a master craftsman.
Al Swanson, woodworking classes, handmade furniture, master craftsman
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Experience the Process

People love visiting my studio. They always comment on the amazing smell of freshly milled lumber and are often in awe at some of the pieces being made. Pandemic times make stopping by less viable, so I’ve decided to bring my studio to you. Via photos and videos of cool new pieces in process, you’ll have all but the smell. Check in often for updates.

Game Table

This compass rose is the center inlay for a game table, made of quilted maple, bubinga and a host of inlay materials.


Photos taken along the Little Blackfoot

Large Coffee Table

A large coffee table in bubinga being made for a special Montana home.

Entryway Benches

A couple of entryway benches in quilted maple and claro walnut