Overview of Al Swanson studio and offerings
Al Swanson, woodworking classes, handmade furniture, master craftsman, fly fishing
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Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Al Swanson offers fine hand-crafted furniture; an exclusive line of wooden fly boxes, rod cases, and fishing nets; and an extensive array of woodworking classes.


“Artisan Series,” the newest rod tubes are now available and unlike anything you have ever seen!



Shop for wooden fly boxes, rod cases, and landing nets, handcrafted in stunning detail.



Join Al for a woodworking experience that allows you to bring wood to life beneath your hands.

Limited Edition

I’ve been designing and building extraordinary pieces in wood for over 25 years. Rarely, you come across pieces of lumber who’s grain and color are rare and special.

Made to order in my studio tucked into the Montana Rockies and close to some of the more famous trout waters in the world, these limited edition pieces are truly unique works of art. Each piece will be signed, dated and numbered.

More about AL Swanson

I love going to work every day. The opportunity to create pieces that will be loved and used for generations is very meaningful to me. Sharing my passion for and knowledge of woodworking with folks who want to explore the craft is also very rewarding. To do both -- help students make something to take home that will be loved and used for decades -- is a rare gift. My signature accompanies each piece produced and at day’s end, I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. To tap into my creative side and explore the nuances of a craft I love so much is beyond meaningful.

Before students take a class, they often say things like: ``I am an accident waiting to happen``. But at the end of the day, they echo my own sentiments and say things like: ``I cannot believe I made this with my own two hands, and now I get to take it home and enjoy it forever.``