Al Swanson Craftsman Studio | Woodworking Classes
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Woodworking Classes

Viewed through large glass panels within the Swanson Studio is the well-equipped wood working studio of A.L. Swanson. Here is where custom furniture is made and woodworking experiences are taught. Try it yourself: our woodworking experiences will help you achieve the satisfaction of bringing wood to life beneath your own hands – with no experience necessary.

Do you have the desire to work with wood? Maybe you have the time but are lacking the tools, or more importantly the knowledge. From end table to inlays, dovetails to rocking chairs, we have the tools and the experience you need to further develope your inner artist. We are not just here to make woodworkers better woodworkers, but rather to make people better people.

Contact us for more information about upcoming classes.

New classes are coming soon. From table making to inlays and dovetails, all of our courses are safe, fun and inspirational! Please contact us to show your interest in taking a class.